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1. Age Requirement: Visitors to EroticHub.com must be 18 years or older. Minors are strictly prohibited from using or accessing our website. We reserve the right to request proof of age from any user and to deny access to anyone who does not meet this requirement.

2. Parental Control, Filtering, and RTA Label: To prevent minors from accessing inappropriate content, EroticHub.com is labeled with the Restricted To Adults (RTA) label. Parents or guardians concerned about minors accessing our site are encouraged to use parental control software or filtering systems that recognize the RTA label to restrict access.

3. Fictional Persona Notification: The character ‘ThePornDude’ portrayed in our reviews is entirely fictional and should not be taken as a real person. It’s a satirical representation of the adult entertainment industry, and the reviews and opinions expressed are presented in a fictional manner for entertainment purposes.

4. Content Diversity and Feedback: We value diversity and aim to provide a wide range of perspectives in our reviews. Your feedback helps us improve our content for a more enjoyable experience.

5. Review Authenticity: Our reviews represent the subjective opinions of the writers and should not be considered as definitive evaluations of the websites discussed.

6. Endorsement Clarification: A review or mention of a website does not imply an endorsement of all its content, actions, or policies.

7. Updates and Errors: While we strive for accuracy, content on reviewed websites may change, and errors may occur. We do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of information presented.

8. Localization and Geo-Blocked Content: Some reviewed websites may have geo-restrictions, affecting content accessibility based on location. Users should be aware of these restrictions.

9. Content Hosting and Link Exchange Clarification: We do not host explicit content or control reviewed websites. The inclusion of links is for informational purposes only.

10. Content Authenticity & Age Verification: We believe reviewed content complies with age verification laws but cannot verify all content authenticity.

11. Fair Use of Screenshots: Screenshots are used for illustrative purposes, and we do not claim ownership over them.

12. Fair Use Declaration: Third-party trademarks and intellectual properties are used under fair use for informational purposes.

13. Reporting Concerns and Content Issues: Users can report issues directly to site owners or to us for resolution.

14. Scope of Responsibility and Content Disclaimer: We review websites but cannot address specific content issues or legal matters on external sites.

15. Limitations on Content Assurance and User Responsibility: Users are responsible for compliance with laws and safety when accessing external websites.

16. Third-Party Interactions and External Links: We are not responsible for third-party actions or content, including external links and advertisements.

17. Ethical Consumption: We encourage responsible consumption of adult content.

18. Mental and Emotional Health: Excessive consumption of adult content can have mental health implications.

19. Cultural Sensitivity: Content may not align with all cultural norms.

20. Ethical Concerns: We engage in constructive dialogue and address concerns professionally.

21. Disputes and Resolution: We prefer amicable dispute resolution methods.

22. Protection of Brand Integrity and Legal Stance: We defend against false accusations and protect our brand integrity.

23. Intellectual Property Rights: Content is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.

24. Security Measures: While we employ security measures, users should have up-to-date protection.

25. Affiliate Disclaimer: Some links may be affiliate links, but they do not influence our reviews.

26. Disclaimer of Responsibility for External Links: Users agree that we are not responsible for third-party websites.

27. International Use: Users are responsible for compliance with local laws.

28. Limitation of Liability: We are not liable for damages related to our services or content.

29. Indemnification Clause: Users agree to indemnify and hold us harmless.

30. Modification of Disclaimer: We reserve the right to update our disclaimer.

31. Severability Clause: If any part of the disclaimer is invalid, the rest remains in effect.


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